Designing in Dark Times

Presents newly commissioned books looking at designing as ways of acting in, shaping and understanding the world. (Read more)

Politics of the Everyday

Ezio Manzini

Designing in Dark Times: An Arendtian Lexicon

Eduardo Staszowski and Virginia Tassinari (eds.)

Designs to Reshape Humanity: Integrity and Cunning in the Anthropocene

Ann Light

Biocentric Designing: A Poetics of Relating

Martin Avila

Design and the Social Imagination

Mathew DelSesto

Design Education and Democracy at the Edge of Collapse

Zoy Anastassakis & Marcos Martins

Making Trouble: Design and Material Activism

Otto von Busch

Designing Relationally: Making & Restor(y)ing Life

Arturo Escobar, Michal Osterweil and Kriti Sharma